Our federal government is fast tracking a MASSIVE bill that will COMPLETELY OVERHAUL the ENTIRE Educational system in this country. CATHOLIC, PRIVATE SCHOOLS, PUBLIC SCHOOLS, every school will be affected by the passing of this bill! Tell your representatives and senators to “Repeal/Sunset ESEA.”

Senator Vitter (202) 224-4623
Senator Cassidy (202) 224-5824
Alexander, Lamar – (202) 224-4944

Here are just a few problems with the NCLB/ESEA Reauthorization Bill

1. Title 1 funding will be tied to compliance with Common Core State Standards (they should be called Common Core Federal Standards but I digress) Comply or else!!
In 2010 the US Dept. of Education created a document called “A BLUEPRINT FOR REFORM” In this document on Page 10 it clearly states that by 2015 the administration will attach Title 1 funding with compliance to common college and career standards (Common Core or Common Core aligned-which is CC with a new name and a few changes). Now do you see why Alexander MUST get this passed ASAP?????

2. Every child will be considered Title 1 and required remediation if they do not perform to the expected outcomes of Common Core

3. Title 1 money to follow the child – THIS WILL be the destruction of private schools, elected school boards and traditional public schools not to mention what it will do to property taxes. Private schools will be forced to take these vouchers or go belly up. This means they will also be forced to take Common Core. So why would a parent pay more to send a child to private school if the child will get the same education for half the cost? So even if they do take the vouchers they will go belly up. This is a no win for private and religious schools. What happens to the tax structure and the local public school when kids start taking their money to other districts, counties or states? This action alone WILL destroy private schools, traditional public schools leaving Charters the only CHOICE. We tried to warn legislators and parents about the real agenda with Charters but they wouldn’t listen and many are still not listening. Charters WILL eliminate elected representation and they WILL end up being the ONLY CHOICE. That people is not choice. That will privatize education and make many rich people even richer. The good mom and pop Charter your children go to now will be swallowed up by the big boys. And when you complain who will you complain to?? The goal is to remove parents from the education of their children and Charters and Vouchers is exactly how it will happen.

4. We must investigate the State longitudinal data systems (funded by NCES) tracking individuals with a unique national ID and evaluating ALL TITLE I CHILDREN ( that’s ALL children under this legislation.) Did you ever wonder why ALL children are eligible for free lunch now. It is because all children will be considered Title 1 and at risk. They are basically redefining the meaning of FAMILY.

5. We must investigate the entire TITLE I BLANKET of psychological manipulation of redefining a disability under IDEA and the rehabilitation Act which allows a disability to have interventions….not meeting social and emotional outcomes in Common Core. We can prove this through the contracts revealed in ESEA Flex Waiver. (Interpersonal Skills)

6. In Dec. 2011 President Obama issued an EO that gutted FERPA protection of our children’s data. MASSIVE Amounts of data will be collected. All data can and will be shared and that includes biometric data without parental knowledge or consent. This EO will be made permanent law in the NCLB/ESEA reauthorization