Anyone who thinks “going back” to former state standards is regressive, please see the first comment below the article.

And bear in mind the following facts: 

FACT:  The 2012 national “Quality Counts” survey rated Louisiana’s rigorous “standards, curriculum and assessments” as 2nd in the United States, behind only Oklahoma. LA was given a 97.2-A, for these 3 factors when the average accountability score earned by all the states overall that year was 85.3. 

Note:  Because of related factors such as School finance (75-D), Allocations (76 – D), and Building and support capacity (76-D), LA did not rate highly in all categories.  But not because of low standards!

This report was covered in the national and statewide media and published in Education Week —

A few weeks ago the new “Quality Counts” survey came out, and now ranked LA as 44th.   It’s still low in other categories, so what caused that drop? 

One could surmise that dropping our former highly-rated LA standards, to adopt Common Core, has been disastrous.  

One cannot state as an opinion that the former standards are “far inferior.”